There is a peaceful sky above the most peoples of planet and it may seem that after the downfall of the Organization of the Warsaw Treaty the possibility of the Word War sank into oblivion. However, it's only an illusion.

The period of rather calm capitalism development, which has been going on since the second half of the twentieth century is coming to an end. Degeneration of the socialism in the USSR and sonic socialist States occurred at the moment when the capitalism was losing the competition with the socialism while awaiting for its next crisis, probably the last in its history. The incredible robbery of the peoples of the USSR by the primitive capitalisator together with their imperialistic masters postponed the approaching word crisis for some time, but there arc no forces in the world of capital which could have prevented the crisis. Except the traditional capitalistic "overproduction" crisis, the world of capitalism isn't able to solve the other approaching global problems such as demographic and ecological ones, the universal degeneration of the bourgeois culture

It is known from the history that the capitalism has no ways to avoid the global crisis but the large-scale world war, runaway inflation and the most savage totalitarianism, ending right up to fascism As far the main victims of the new world massacre which is sure to surpass the horrors of the two previous imperialistic wars will be the vast masses of working

people, their interests are in sheer contrast with those of a wretched handful of the masters and servants of transnational corporations.

Those who is against the new world war should join in the fight for peace. The nowadays communists believe the fight for peace to be a part of socialism, because only democratic power of the world working class will be able to solve the world crises peacefully. The soviet people has always been a supporter of peace between the peoples. And it is not by chance that nowadays, when the III world war threat becomes a reality, the friends of the soviet peoples unite with the successors of its glorious traditions. We, the participants of the World Meeting of the Soviet People's Friends should mind that it was antiwar committees Hand off the Soviet Russia which had not allowed to unleash the large-scale war against the revolutionary Soviet Russia.

In fight for the world peace we rely not only on the union with the vast masses of working people, but also with the peaceloving classes of society. We appeal for reviving, enlivening and multiplying the forces of the fighters for peace. But we should remember that the peaceloving forces are able to suppress the resistance of warmongers peacefully only when they arc a real force, that is they join one common powerful organization.



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